enLiven Wellness Coaching, llc

I help hard working, conscientious people who are really struggling with daily stresses or stress from difficult situations. I'll help you understand and use stress to your advantage and thrive in it instead of waging the constant battle against it. You'll tap into your inner resources so you can make the changes needed to feel empowered in challenging situations and create your most fulfilling life. We'll work with your thoughts and behaviors, and use mindfulness to manage your most harmful symptoms of distress.
As a former school psychologist turned personal growth coach, I focus my efforts directly on the stress and mindset needs of my clients, especially those dedicating life to serving others in mental and physical health, education, and public safety. I love seeing people recognize that stress is part of life and from stressful situations comes true purpose.
By stepping into stress you (re)discover the strengths and gifts you have carried with you all along. It is so rewarding to watch clients accelerate into the life they have dreamed about when they dedicate themselves to personal growth. I'd be honored to work hard with you to help you achieve your goals and grow your capacity to love your life.